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Clinical Psychology

Being diagnosed with cancer, or facing an increased risk of developing cancer is a daunting experience for most people and their families to face. There are many things to think about; which treatment options suit you best, deciding on a type of surgery or reconstruction, coping with the side effects of treatment or talking to family and friends about what is happening.

Jemma and Rebecca are clinical psychologists who have unique experience in cancer care and helping individuals and their families to cope with health problems. Because they work closely with the rest of the team, they understand cancer and the concerns and emotions that you might be facing.  It can seem a bit odd to be referred to a psychologist and some people wonder if their doctor thinks that they aren’t coping. Actually, that’s not the case. Best practice medical care recognises that you are a whole person and your feelings matter too, so your medical team are likely to recommend that you meet with either Jemma or Rebecca.  We want to ensure that you have support, can absorb information, feel you are making the most of your medical appointments and prevent emotions from becoming overwhelming.

We strongly encourage women and their partners/families to attend an appointment at critical points such as at diagnosis, around adjuvant treatment beginning/ending and post-treatment. Common issues that a clinical psychologist can help with are adjusting to the diagnosis and ‘roller coaster’ of emotions that ensue, making decisions, how to talk to children, partners and family/friends, coping with side effects, settling down worry, anger or sadness, staying connected to life during treatment and coping with issues in cancer survivorship after treatment. Our psychologists are here to help you live well with all of life’s challenges and are compassionate, skilled and dedicated.

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