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Multidisciplinary Care

This means that your case will be discussed from a variety of different medical perspectives and that several different breast experts will contribute to the decision making for your particular situation.

Each specialist is able to bring up to date knowledge from their specialty to these meetings so that you will be offered a cutting edge opinion regarding the management of your breast problem. These meetings also help to facilitate good communication between different specialties, which is important in complex medical models. Most commonly a formal appointment with the other medical specialists will be arranged for you within a week of the MDT meeting, and your surgeon will be able to give you the summary of the recommendations on the day of your post operative visit. In addition to the different medical specialists involved in your care you will have access to either Dr Jemma Gilchrist or Rebecca Van Lloy who are psychologists who specialise in treating women with breast cancer. Most women and/or their partners take away some very helpful and practical tips about how to deal with the emotional aspects of their breast cancer care from seeing either Jemma or Rebecca. Most patients who are having surgery and/or chemotherapy will be assessed by one the occupational therapists in the team, Louise Koelmeyer or Brenda Gutierrez, to get a baseline assessment regarding risk of developing lymphedema (swelling of the arm that can sometimes develop following the removal of lymph nodes in the armpit). Most people will be assessed again following surgery to see if there has been any change in the way in the lymphatic fluid flows in the arm after the removal of any nodes. Louise or Brenda will also be able to guide you through the exercises you will be expected to do after your surgery. Bronwyn Williams is a specialised breast care nurse. She will be able to provide support from a variety of different aspects and guide you through your breast cancer journey. Bronwyn will also be your first port of call if you have any questions about your recovery from your operation. The medical specialists who are part of the MDT team are the surgeons James French and Elisabeth Elder, medical oncologist Rick Kefford, radiation oncologist Tim Wang, pathologist Nirmala Pathmanathan and radiologist Stephen Cahill.

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